How society affects behaviour

Consciously or not, people often trade off their wishes to fit in.

What others think has a profound influence on what we do. We all want to belong and be accepted. Consciously or unconsciously, we often trade o our wishes to fit in.


Using society triggers

Society Triggers are best to tackle Experiential and Shopper jobs. Think how the broader cultural context can play a role in the current challenge. With the brief at hand, try asking yourself the following questions:


A bit more on society

This ad for Prudential using research footage illustrates vividly the extreme power of social pressure.


Great ideas using society

The Most Open Test Drive | BBDO Frankfurt for Smart

The Sleeping Drunks Billboards | Geometry Tokyo for Yaocho-Bar


More recent ideas using society

Check Activation Ideas for even more case studies using Society.


If you want to learn more about society



Other triggers

There’s much more than Society to influence people’s behaviour. Check out all the other Behavioural Triggers to learn more.


Regional Executive Creative Director, Geometry Asia Pacific