How experience affects behaviour

Design elements and interaction tweaks can transform the nature and quality of any experience.

Experiences don’t happen in a vacuum. We have to use diverse design elements, principles, and resources that have a powerful influence on behavior beyond the content itself.


Using experience triggers

Experience Triggers are best to tackle Experiential, Shopper and habit change jobs. It will help with new ideas but also with planning the journey. With the brief at hand, try asking yourself the following questions:

(click on them for details and examples)


A bit more on experience

Not just science has been studying our brain and how to influence behaviour. There’s a wealth of knowledge and practical advice coming from long established and new practices alike, like architecture, design, product design, performance arts, customer service and user experience among many others. Too many to single out, but it’s easy to understand how the type and design of the overall experience could have as much impact as the content itself.

Here are three (of the many) TED Talks that touch on the topic of Experience from very different angles.

The first one is a framework for today’s Experience Economy and how it’s all about rendering authenticity.

The next one explains how to design for all 5 senses and why sex is so great.

Finally a short lesson on how to tune ourselves into finding those little opportunities to improve any experience.


Great ideas using experience

Upside Down Can | BETC Paris for Orangina

Get Well Kit | Geometry Moscow for Sanofi


More recent ideas using experience

(check Activation Ideas for even more case studies using Experience)


If you want to learn more about experience

Simplicity, storytelling and design thinking are behind most of these techniques. Hard to pick a handful from such an extensive topic. But TED (Technology, Education & Design) is a good place to start. Pretty much everything is related here.

TED Talks on Design

TED Talks Design Playlists

This is a seminal talk on Designing for Simplicity, by Jon Maeda from the legenday MIT

The Laws of Simplicity Blog

His book on Design, Technology, Business & Life


Other triggers

There’s much more than Experience to influence people’s behaviour. Check out all the other Behavioural Triggers to learn more.


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