How choice affects behaviour

Defaults, bundles, order of the alternatives, they all influence decision-making.

Many variables beyond the quality of the alternatives affect the way we make choices. Quantity, order, and distractions (among others) have a huge impact on the actions we take, not always for the better. We could do with a little help, especially when the options are complex or unfamiliar.


Using choice triggers

Choice Triggers are best to tackle Experiential, Promotion and Shopper jobs, though they play a role in changing any type of habits. With the brief at hand, try asking yourself the following questions:

(click on them for details and examples)


A bit more on choice

In his book Nudge, Nobel prize winner Richard Thaler explains the concept of Choice Architecture. See the cafeteria vivid example below.


Great ideas using choice

Sugar Detox | Marcel Paris for Intermarché

The Cookie Mug | Geometry Kuala Lumpur for Cream-O


More recent ideas using choice

(check Activation Ideas for even more case studies using Choice)


If you want to learn more about choice

Nudge, the work from Cuss Sustein and Richard Thaler, introduce the concept of Choice Architecture and Choice Architects with great real life examples.

Nudge, the book

Nudge, the blog


Other triggers

There’s much more than Choice to influence people’s behaviour. Check out all the other Behavioural Triggers to learn more.


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