Flora for Fauna

Stopping the demand for illegal aphrodisiacs is virtually impossible. But what if the need could be satisfied by a legal and sustainable alternative? The Colombia Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development repackaged a legendary latin power-fruit known as “nature’s viagra” into an appealing range of sex enhancer products to break into the Chinese market and help curb the demand for illegal animal trade.

On the fauna traffic matter, we are attacking the source of the problem by eradicating the behaviour.
— Gabriel Vallejo, Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development

Flora for Fauna not only refers to the fruit coming to the rescue of endangered species but also, the cheeky swap of products in the market. It’s a win-win for the environment and for the local farmers in Colombia, who suddenly have a way to commercialise their produce (albeit, a different format) in the lucrative Chinese market.

Great joint effort of our Colombia and Hong Kong offices in conceptualising the idea and building the whole marketing plan from scratch, including product development, brand identity, communications and distribution channels.

Wildlife traffic is a global issue that requires global thinking. That’s why we’re thrilled with this collaboration, that has given us the chance to invent new products, a new brand, and craft an effective marketing and distribution strategy in China with the goal of saving endangered animals across the globe, while supporting farming communities in Colombia. It is indeed a once in a lifetime opportunity.
— Julián Hernandez, ECD Geometry Hong Kong
As an agency we focus on changing behavior. In this case we realized that it would be nearly impossible to change the behavior of illegal traffickers. So instead we focused on getting the buyers to switch brands at the moment of purchase. What a beautiful problem to solve!
— Edwin Pineda, ECD Geometry Colombia

Regional Executive Creative Director, Geometry Asia Pacific