Terribly Delicious

The problem is curious as the solution is brilliant. After Hurricane Andrew hit Florida in 1992, an aquarium tank burst and an alien species, the Lion Fish, started to breed and jeopardise the native fauna of the Caribbean. Today, many other fishes are at the brink of extinction because of this predator. So the idea was to call for the hungriest predator of all to solve the problem: human beings.

The supply chain had to be build from scratch, including changing the Law, training fishermen & chefs, distributing through the hospitality industry, restaurants and supermarkets; publishing cookbooks and running TV shows. With unprecedented support from the Colombian government and even the Church, that encouraged eating Lion Fish during Easter.

A big winner candidate, in my view, for the size of the task, the freshness of the idea, and the many elements of the campaign.

Regional Executive Creative Director, Geometry Asia Pacific