Great Chinese Names for Great Britain

Very unusual campaign to get more Chinese tourists visiting the UK. As the British went around the world naming places and things, now Chinese citizens were invited to return the favour and rename iconic British names. Great case study.

House of Mamba

Almost as if it was taken out from a sci-fi film, the House of Mamba is a larger than life interactive training court for Chinese basketball fans. Powered by LED lights and gorgeous graphics that react to the players and mould their performance through data.

Nazis Against Nazis

Believe it or not, still today, neo-nazi organisations still march and bother several villages in Germany. To discourage these manifestations to happen, NGO Exit-Deutschland created a mind-bending loop: the first involuntary charity walk. For every meter that the neo-nazis would march, 10 euros were donated by citizens and small businesses to Exit-Deutschland and their efforts to mitigate extreme views. Behaviour change at its best. Multiple Gold winner at Cannes, Clio and other shows.

Pray to Lose

A healthy spread broke all conventions by turning a punchy god into a six-pack idol to nudge people into making healthy commitments. Brave, relevant and effective. It won the Red Dragon of Asia at the recent Promotion Marketing Awards of Asia.