The Other Letter

When I told my daughter we were not going to buy an expensive present for Christmas she was keen on she answered back that I shouldn’t worry. That she wasn’t asking me for it, but Santa.

The same logic applies to this sweet Christmas experiment, marginally related to IKEA but interesting nevertheless.

The campaign features a companion TV commercial along the same lines.

Geometry Global named Specialist Network of the Year

Campaign Asia announced the Agency of the Year Awards 2014 and Geometry Global Asia Pacific came on top as the sole qualifying contender in the Specialist Network of the Year category.

The result followed the wins of several other offices in their respective categories too.

  • Geometry Global India was chosen as South Asia Specialist Agency of the Year (Gold)
  • Geometry Global Japan won a Bronze as Korea/Japan Specialist Agency of the Year
  • Geometry Global Malaysia won a Bronze as Southeast Asia Specialist Agency of the Year
  • Geometry Global Hong Kong was shorlisted as Greater China Specialist Agency of the Year

The amount and quality of wins show once again our strength as a network. Each one of the winning offices, those who submitted and didn’t win, and everyone who contributed to our overall great business results made the submission a winning one.

Campaign Asia Agency of the Year Awards is unique in the sense that it counts not just other awards wins but a wholesome set of achievements in leadership, management and business performance.

Thanks to each one of you for your outstanding efforts and contribution. And in particular to our award-winning Regional Corporate Communications team for the sharp insights and feedback provided throughout the process.

Nightwalk in Marseille

Cracking how to hijack the attention of people on mobile is one of our most critical tasks today. This is a great example of the things to come and how geolocation + brand utility will keep evolving.

Experience it by yourself at Google’s Nightwalk in Marseille.