The Gig App

Competing with the ubiquity of smartphones seems futile for SLR cameras these days. However Canon decided to grab the bull by the horns and demonstrate the quality edge in extreme conditions like a concert. The app allowed easy social media sharing, but instead of fuzzy smartphone photos, fans could post hi-res pics of the gig, courtesy of Canon high-end cameras that fed the app in real time.

Proud Whopper

During the San Francisco Pride Parade, Burger King launched a special edition Whopper which was no different at all from the regular Whopper, to celebrate that ‘we are all the same inside’. Simple and clever PR stunt, multiple award-winner at Cannes.

The Rabbit Race

Bizarre promotion for a German retailer that made the whole country follow a rabbit race on national TV and social media to offset the price of purchased items. Two Cannes Lions Golds. Another great example of how to convert a simple sales push into a big idea campaign that drives brand love and results.

The Salt You Can See

Instant ongoing feedback influences behaviour. Yet, the solution does not need to be always hi-tech. Like this great idea from Fundación Favaloro to warn people about the high consumption of salt in everyday meals. It’s got a Cannes Promo & Activation Gold Lion among many others.

Life Paint

Volvo Life Paint was the Cannes Lions 2015 Promo & Activation Grand Prix winner. Possibly the video looks far more polished and enhanced than the real thing, but a great idea nevertheless. Find out more at Volvo Cars Life Paint and stay tuned for more winners in the next few days.