One of the best thought-through safe driving programmes that encourages and rewards best behaviour on the roads, built around one of the main culprit of accidents: the smartphone. This integrated campaign from Samsung just won the Promo & Activation Grande Lotus (Grand Prix) at ADFEST.

Harmony Glass

A mesmerizing experience in a bar, enabled by technology. Patrons could use their glasses to control a beautifully crafted interactive show taking place on the walls of the establishment. It took the experience of appreciating whisky (and the intrinsic values of the brand, Hibiki means harmony) to a whole new level.

Talkable Vegetables

A few years back All Good Bananas used a Audio Spotlight technology with a very similar purpose: educate shoppers about the true origin of food. But this in-store promotion takes it to a new level with the addition of mechanism that triggers the conversation by touch, and the fact that the voice comes from the farmers themselves.

Minute of Silence

Exactly one year after the tragic disappearance of MH370, this campaign came to mind. McCann Kuala Lumpur created a way to offer a minute of silence in the unstoppable digital world.

Unintentionally similar to One Minute of Silence, a campaign from JWT Lisbon.