Nightwalk in Marseille

Cracking how to hijack the attention of people on mobile is one of our most critical tasks today. This is a great example of the things to come and how geolocation + brand utility will keep evolving.

Experience it by yourself at Google’s Nightwalk in Marseille.

My Home is an Oven

Instead of giving discounts away, an idea can also help to communicate the brand’s benefits. Like this promotion for air conditioners that calculated every home’s exposure to the summer sun and offered a discount accordingly with the pressing need of cooling.

PSFK: The Future of Retail 2015

As every year, PSFK publishes the very inspiring Future of Retail guide, this year subtitled as ‘A Manifesto to Reinvent the Store’. Compulsory reading for all of us in the business.

Check their slides above for a short intro or the key takeaways from the retail manifesto on their blog.

7 Days of Rain

In 2012, the brand wanted to demonstrate the resistance of their water-proof shoes by sending a crew to Cherrapunjee, the rainiest place on Earth. This time around they brought the rain with them and made a cloud follow a test subject for 7 consecutive days.

Again, the point was to create entertaining content to drive people to the Geox site and engage them with more info about their products and a direct link to their online store.

Social Test Drive

All the changes on the new Polo were noticeable from the inside, hence a test drive was a must. To make it exciting and irresistible, VW created a game of social tag where the person who test drove the car for the longest time got to keep it. Similar in nature to the classic MINI Getaway but with a hard working test drive component.

Activating Human Behaviour

Activating Human Behaviour

Little Black Book is an online publication/platform that ‘celebrates creativity and the people behind it’. They’ve recently published ‘5 minutes with... Daniel Comar’, an interview done at Spikes. Though the title is misleading (the conversation lasted much longer than five minutes), it covers quite thoroughly my views on creativity in activation. I get asked about it a lot, so I thought of reproducing it here with the full permission of LBB. Thanks, Laura Swinton.

Anthem Beer Fridge

Last year, the Passport Beer Fridge rewarded passersby with free beer if a Canadian could open the vending machine with his or her passport.

Now, back in their home country, the fridge was re-launched with a twist. To celebrate Canada’s National Day, people had to sing the national anthem to unlock the door.

Check the making of below, if you’re interested in the technology behind.

Cans of Positivity

Interesting shopper marketing case at its core. To generate more sales Campbell’s needed people to consume what they had in stock first. A change of label fully integrated in their communications did the trick.