DILL, The Restaurant

Debunking perceptions by proving the opposite. Food retailer LIDL in Sweden was perceived as cheap, yet not of great quality. So the setup a gourmet pop-up restaurant that became a sensation, to reveal later that all the exquisite dishes were prepared with food from the supermarket.

Broken Liver

Sometimes all you need is to start a conversation. The great topic they found is that your emotions are more likely to sit on your liver, rather than your heart. So the shopper marketing efforts started by re-recording classic love songs to acknowledge the true nature of emotional health and made the product far more relevant.

Tweet to Eat

To introduce its new line of incredible flavors, Walker’s Crisps transformed a bus stop in a very special vending machine. Paying with a tweet is not new, but the level of detail and interaction between a ‘trapped’ Gary Lineker and the audience is really a step up over anything seen before.

Live Store

Great example of the so called O2O, online to offline or viceversa. A real live demo performed on ground by the showroom staff using a headset to provide a first person point of view on the web. The site also offers enhanced features like custom selections that the staff push to the visitor screen using their phones.

Mozzie Box

Very insightful and simple. Great piece of shopper marketing beyond the aisles, creating a compelling reason to buy a particular brand and in bulk. In this case, the beer carton box doubles up as mosquito repellent, ideal for its customary outdoor consumption by Papua New Guinea blocks.