The Autocomplete Truth

Today is Blog Action Day and the theme of the year is inequality. The autocomplete truth made us all stop on our tracks like a wall.

One of those ideas which can’t be ignored and once seen it changes your perceptions forever. From the craft point of view, note that the case study has been entirely created from news footage. Talk about scale.

And just in case you need a reminder of why women and men are equals...

Turning packaging into education

Simply beautiful and beautifully simple. World-class work for an underdeveloped market. Doing good and making business sense at the same time. How does a big company like Colgate-Palmolive use their large distribution network and packaging containers to help educators teaching hygiene to kids, and at the same time pave the road for the future success of their products? A must-see!

Remote Control Tourist

A simple idea to create a rich experience through technology. Armed with cameras and mics to create a 2-way live feed, Remote Control Tourists roamed the streets of Melbourne on behalf of potential visitors, who could have an almost first hand experience of what the city has to offer. The whole experience has been transformed in an entertaining crowd-sourced interactive guide.

See the full experience of The Melbourne Remote Control Tourist on Google’s Creative Sandbox for more details and insights.