The Breathing Wall

Despite media focusing on haze, indoor air pollution could be up to 30 times more dangerous. Philips Air Purifiers wanted to spark the conversation through a mesmerizing art installation, done in collaboration with German media artist Nils Völker.

Back Off Radio

In a three-way authorities-media-taxi company collaboration Dubai launched the first Back Off Radio, an initiative aimed to reduce road accidents caused by tailgating. The device installed in taxis uses the FM range to alert drivers in real time when cars come in close proximity.

Listen to your Mattress

When things are not going well in a relationship, the first one to notice is certainly the mattress. What if you could listen to what your mattress has to say early enough. A limited edition of mattresses from Dunlopillo contains sensors that keep track of your bed activity (or lack of) sending discrete messages to the couple’s connected smartphones with tips to re-spark the fire.

Choose Beautiful

Women around the world were presented with a polarizing choice when entering a mall. The simple idea and even more simple execution lead to an immediate confrontation with their own feelings and thoughts, sparkling internal and social debate. It’s just words, yet they carry so much power when reframed as a choice that you have to make.

Handle on Hygiene

There’s possible not a better place/moment to remind shoppers of Lifebuoy’s hygiene benefits than the supermarket trolley handle. Another great example of brands doing good and driving the message home at the same time. The story is very well told as well.