The Pixar Pitch

It’s that time of the year again, and many are very busy working on writing case studies.

This short video contains some interesting thoughts about how to find an effective angle to your story. It provides 6 alternatives to the common ‘elevator pitch’, many of them very useful when trying to discover what’s really interesting and unique about your campaign.

One of the most interesting is ‘The Pixar Pitch’, which is the one used at the legendary studio to pitch for a story idea, as revealed.

The Pixar Pitch

The ‘elevator pitch’ alternatives come from the book ‘To Sell Is Human’ by Daniel H. Pink. And the Pixar pitch comes from the 22 rules for storytelling, according to Pixar story artist Emma Coates.

Give it a shot in your next case study. Chances are it will help you create a nice story beyond facts and results.

Regional Executive Creative Director, Geometry Asia Pacific