Save Your Soul: Work In Advertising!

Save Your Soul: Work In Advertising!

If you know Richard Wise, you know that he is NOT a man of few words. The humblest of questions like ‘what’s that smell in the shop?’ could turn into a mesmerising account of how our brain is hard-wired to perceive the subtlest notes of scent and trigger long-forgotten memories...

So I can’t wait to read my copy of Save Your Soul: Work In Advertising! His recently published book about the joy of working in our business. (OK, I have to read this now!)

But just hear it from the man himself...


If you want your hard copy, head to Amazon. There’s purposely no digital version.


As said, I haven’t read it yet, but here’s what some wiser people have to say about it...

I hope you don’t mind - this is the only credit you’re going to get —I stole your idea from Chapter 5 and I used it to win a giant account. So thanks.
— Mat Stockton, Geometry Colleague
A strong tonic to lift the spirits in an industry beset with self-doubt —and one powerful nudge towards becoming a nicer, more understanding and inspiring human being.
— Rory Sutherland, Vice Chairman, Ogilvy Group UK and author of The Wiki Man
With a healthy blend of humor and common sense, Richard Wise reminded me how much I actually like this industry. Even if so much about it today has exactly the opposite effect.
— Jon Steel, WPP Group Planning Director and author of Truth, Lies & Advertising and Perfect Pitch

And since we’re at it, watch Richard talk about how cultural insights can influence behaviour change. This is not related to the book necessarily but a great watch if you work for Geometry and are interested in behaviour change.

Regional Executive Creative Director, Geometry Asia Pacific