Daniel Comarhelp?

Your wishes are my new year resolutions

Daniel Comarhelp?

photo by Mathieu Thouvenin

Last year (yes, we're officially in 2011 now) I asked for feedback to make the site better and many of your suggestions have already been implemented, like links to other Ogilvy and/or Activation blogs, enhanced search capabilities and overall redesign.

Well, here I go again. As part of my new year resolutions I’ve created a virtual suggestion box for you to submit feedback, ask for new features or share any ideas to improve your experience here.


‘Action Packed’ suggestion box


Just click on the link above (or copy/paste this URL on a new browser window: http://actionpacked.uservoice.com) and you’ll be able to write what you want, see others’ suggestions and even vote for the ones you like the most (and might have not thought about).

As the disclaimer on the picture says:

Not all suggestions will be responded to or implemented, but all suggestions will be taken into consideration. Some suggestions will be implemented secretly. :)

Thank you!

Regional Executive Creative Director, Geometry Global Asia Pacific