World Domaination: disrupt, be hyper-relevant, be there

Our new Regional Head of Planning, Gareth Ellen, just reminded me of this insightful campaign for Converse called ‘Domaination’ (and not, it's not a spelling mistake).

You’ll have to watch it a couple of times but the gist of it is that Converse bought keywords on Google that are highly relevant for their teen target audience but that nobody is really using so the price is extremely low. And then they used conversational style ads (as opposite to hard sell ads) to drive them to a myriad of microsites that kept them engaged with the brand in a game of sorts.

The case study is not clear about how they’re using that interaction to drive sales but I think it’s still relevant to us in terms of understanding better how shoppers use search and also how to build an idea from a very insightful though.

Regional Executive Creative Director Geometry Global Asia Pacific