Witty and simple packaging for OTC medication

Help Remedies came up with this tight integration of product, concept and design to revolutionise the world of over-the-counter medication.

The witty copy and minimalist design not just cuts through the clutter in a pharmacy environment. It guides the shopper through the —sometimes painful— decisions of having to buy a medicine.

Every detail is well thought through. The way the text is written (front and back), the cleanliness, the typeface, and even the way they handle the excess of information (check out the back of the packs, you’ve got to peel the sticker for more facts on the drugs). Proof that shopper marketing need not be dull, complicated or even technical. The whole approach is very human and friendly.

Don’t miss their site for more good writing examples, in particular the help I’m bored section.

Any other examples of good packaging / shopper well crafted copy you can remember?

Regional Executive Creative Director, Geometry Global Asia Pacific