Why shouldn’t retail be media?

Retail could be one of the most exciting areas of our business when looked at it with fresh eyes. And this Manhattan concept store called STORY could easily become a new genre altogether.

The mastermind behind the project, Rachel Shechtman, explains:

STORY is a space that has the point of view of a magazine, it changes every 4-6 weeks like a gallery and sells things like a store! STORY is transactional storytelling for both brands and consumers.  For consumers we seek to create an environment that isn’t just about consumption, but presenting dynamic content and creating community.  And for brands, we integrate their story in a meaningful and relevant way.

An on the theme for the launch, LOVE:

This is a six week conversation about love, not one day of the year about pink and red roses, from Feb 1st – March 12th. Our debut story, LOVE, is about brands we love, things we love and those people we love. We have a section called love GIVING which sells from TOMS Shoes, PACT Underwear, Baking for Good, Article 22 and Charity Water. In our love SWEETS we feature Vosges chocolates, Dylans Candy bar and Fine x Raw Chocolate. Love MEMORIES is expressed with a photo booth for people to take their pictures and not only walk away with prints but email and upload them from the store IRL to Facebook. We will have a myriad of events such as a reading from TED speaker and NY Times best-selling author Chip Conley who will give a talk and launch his book Emotional Equations.

And on the future of retail, she added:

Hypothesis #1 – Consumer-side

The future of consumption needs to be about content and community. ‘Service’ has to be the ‘must-have. Content is editorial from a magazine. Community is events-based.

Hypothesis #2 – Brand-side

Retail advertising can be used in empty spaces in interesting ways. Sponsors that are relevant to the conversations at STORY add value to the community in exchange for capital.

Really interesting things happen when you think of retail as something else, not just a marketplace but a canvas.

Regional Executive Creative Director, Geometry Global Asia Pacific