Last year, the Stockholm County AIDS Prevention Programme promoted safe sex by distributing numbered condoms and asked people to share their stories. This time around, they went one step further.

The sampled condoms featured a QR code directing the recepient to download the Sex Profile app. A clever iPhone adaptation of Smart Alarm Clock (a sleep tracker app) that, in this case, collects your intercourse stats by simply opening it and leaving the phone on the bed while making sex.

The app automatically collects data using the gadget’s common functions as the accelerometer and the microphone. In itself that’s already a fine idea but the most interesting part is how the data is later used to build a full campaign around it and make safe sex more fun in the process.

People are able to create a profile that tracks their sex history in curvy lines that show how long, how often, and how noisy they do it. And then they compared the data and used it as headlines for a poster campaign or premiums as T-shirts.

Very fresh take on safe sex and very well integrated as a campaign. I like it a lot better than the one before, do you?

Regional Executive Creative Director, Geometry Global Asia Pacific