6 patterns that define ‘digital’ today

Last Friday ex-AKQA’s John ‘JJ’ Jakubowski (OgilvyOne Regional ECD) was in KL sharing his views on the open church of digital, and it was nothing short of great food for thought.

I won’t be able to capture here all the input and discussions (and better you hear it from the horses’ mouth when the time comes) but I’ve just wrote down 6 patterns (with examples) that according to JJ define the best of ‘digital’ used for brand communications.


“The reason why many ideas get killed prematurely or simply fail is that they try to be disruptive without a purpose or insight, often times being reactionary to client asks —technology for technology’s sake.

This is a no-win game as you’re not addressing the underlying issue, or problem the client has, but distracted by the latest fashion.”


1. Conversation

Technology allows us today to have meaningful live conversations online, which is the starting point of any great relationship (in this case the relationship between a consumer and a brand).

Also check out the story behind Morton’s Steakhouse airport steak delivery.


2. Utility

Hardly considered ‘communication’ ideas (though they well could be indeed), useful apps and services are and will be increasingly important in establishing brand love.


3. Upstream

Best ideas are sometimes found among the tecchies. You just need to ask a lot of the right questions.


4. Social

Today we don’t communicate to individuals, we communicate with and for networks. Unleashing the social effect should be a must.


5. Integration / Scale

Being able to integrate channels and disciplines and aiming for a higher purpose is what separates the good ideas from the truly great ones. They tick all the boxes.


6. Emotion

At the end of the day, what really counts is the emotional connection a brand can generate and maintain. And when it’s combined with digital, magic happens.


Looking forward to have you back, JJ.

Regional Executive Creative Director, Geometry Global Asia Pacific