Valentine’s Day breakups

Well chosen date to launch a series of very public breakups including extremely risky stunts with competitor’s top executives.

The campaign for NAB (National Australia Bank) is a firm statement that they grew out of their commonalities with the three other major Australian banks (ANZ, Commonwealth Bank and Westpac) which lead them to ‘dump’ their competitors.

Following an open letter in newspapers, they orchestrated about 60 stunts in bars, restaurants, public transport and other highly transited public spaces and they shouted out their irreconcilable differences in person or using unconventional advertising spaces. Here are the videos for some of them.

A couple breaks up on the train:


Hard to miss letter:


Breakup by chopper:


The most high profile —and funny— however involved a direct breakup with top executives of the other banks, telling them ‘it’s over’ in their faces. And you should see those faces.


Ambushing CommBank’s long lunch:


Catching ANZ out at sea:


Leaving a mark on Westpac’s windows:


The campaign directed people to NAB Break Up website, Facebook & Twitter pages and YouTube channel.

This is the letter read out loud.

Can’t wait for the final case study.

Regional Executive Creative Director, Geometry Global Asia Pacific