Daniel Comarhelp?

Tips & housekeeping for contributors

Daniel Comarhelp?

Have you received, or seen a great activation idea online? Dare to share with all your colleagues at once? Just forward the email or write a few thought starters and create a post from the comfort of your email program. [You need to be added as a contributor first, write an email to daniel.comar@ogilvy.com to get the posting address]

The subject of your email becomes the title of your post, and the body and attachments of the email become the content of your post. Just remember to add #end before your email signature so all that chunk of copy doesn’t appear on the post.

You can post text, photos, music, video, documents and all kinds of files. Attach a few pictures and the system will make a nice photo gallery automatically. Copy and paste an YouTube link and the video will be embedded on the post. It works like magic.


+ Keep the posts on topic and don’t post rubbish. Inspiring ideas only, please.

+ Write the subject/headline short, informative and intriguing. Twitter-like. Most people won’t read much more than that anyway.

+ It’s OK to post other agencies’ work as long as you don’t imply it’s ours.

+ To post our work, seek for client’s approval first. Follow the same process as if you were sending out a press release. No BAT or any tobacco related work at all! Client policy, sorry.

+ When re-posting from another site, make sure it’s linked back to the source. Of course you can add your own commentary, just keep it short.

+ Don’t post copyrighted materials. If you want to add pictures, look for them through creativecommons.org and don’t forget to give credit.

+ No rude language, no obscenity, etc., etc., etc. If common sense is not enough and you need guidance, refer to our company’s email policy.

+ Contributing is a responsibility and a service as much as it is a pleasure. Register your name if you want direct feedback. Otherwise your posts will be anonymous.

+ The site is moderated. Personal opinions will be heard and respected but any infringements to the above mentioned points might be removed.

+ Occasionally your post will be modified in format to ensure a similar standard, correct typos, add tags, etc. We want to deliver a great user experience regardless of the multiple authors.

Regional Executive Creative Director, Geometry Global Asia Pacific