Daniel Comarhelp?

The world doesn’t need another advertising blog

Daniel Comarhelp?

photo by Annie Mole

I’m subscribed to a few dozens advertising blogs from where I get my weekly fix of news and inspiration. There are plenty of websites featuring ads but I haven’t found one on activation alone.

To be fair, there are some featuring guerrilla marketing and ambient ideas. But they prioritise the experiential work over other the many other possibilities of our discipline. And then there are some shopper marketing and retail-oriented sites ranging from mildly interesting to plain boring, all very cluttered. None of them dedicated to the creative side of the business.

Moreover, consuming inspiring work seemed to be the single most pressing need in every office. Everyone I talked to pointed out how great would it be to have a place for seeing, sharing and discussing great activation ideas.

Well, this is it.

Of course the world didn’t need another advertising blog but we certainly needed a group sharing site dedicated to activation in all its shapes and colours. I hope you see it less as a blog and more as a community get-together where anyone can contribute and join the conversation.

How? By simply emailing those great ideas you receive from a friend, facebook, twitter or the blogs of your choice. Also, adding your comments at the bottom of each entry.

Get started by reading the profile column on the right.

As the community grows, I’ll be adding more tips and features. What would you like to see? Any suggestions/feedback?

Regional Executive Creative Director, Geometry Global Asia Pacific