The Pinata Experiment

Beldent, a brand of chewing gum in Argentina, believes that laughing is very important. How can you spark some laughs then? How can you torture test the concept?

Enter The Pinata Experiment. A really candid experience implemented in a remote town, so far that ‘even fun couldn’t find its way there’. And the neighbours did so little that rarely had much to smile about.

They installed a huge pinata in the middle of the village that was inflated by jokes on Twitter (using the hashtag #pueblorisa, literally #townlaugh). And after a while it blasted off and filled the town with joy.

This is the first social experiment of the collective Fly Garage and looks promising. The case study feels a bit long at times but it’s beautifully crafted and a great example of good storytelling.

Regional Executive Creative Director, Geometry Global Asia Pacific