Sometimes, to make a point, you need to draw your audience into a place that’s alien to them. From wearing other person’s shoes, one might see things in a different light and take different decisions.

This is exactly the case with this integrated campaign for Swedish NGO ‘Save the Children’. The ‘Lottery of Life’ allows users to take their chances and be brought into this world again. The probabilities of you being born in the same place are very different from country to country. And so are the odds of getting the same education, health care and other social factors.

In this occasion, I turned out to be born Turkish and more susceptible to illiteracy and corporal punishment that in my original home country. Go and try the Lottery of Life yourself. The interface is very simple and engaging. The donations that are asked for after your new ticket is being drawn have a total different meaning once you imagine your own life in a different body.

Great idea and great execution.

Regional Executive Creative Director, Geometry Global Asia Pacific