The last hundred meters: retail, coupons and social media

Barney Loehnis, Head of Ogilvy Asia Pacific Digital, wrote a very interesting article on how social media and digital coupons are converting the last mile into a matter of the last hundred meters.

The moment of truth —when people purchase one brand over the other— is changing dramatically with the raise of social networks that can answer ‘where to buy?’ or ’which one to buy?’ type of questions on the spot, location based networks (like Foursquare or Facebook Places that allow geographically relevant messages to reach shoppers) and digital tools applied to the good old coupons (like AR or group buying sites).

Read here the full article on Retail & Social & Coupons for a wealth of case studies and links. And don’t forget to follow Barney’s site with plenty of digital goodness.

Regional Executive Creative Director, Geometry Global Asia Pacific