The equation of behaviour change

Simple and interesting framework to understand and influence human behaviour.

Basically people change their behaviour when the frustration with the current situation (F1) and the power of a new solution (F2) outweight the comfort of the current behaviour (F3) and the anxiety about change (F4).

F1 + F2 > F3 + F4

Example on buying a new laptop:

F1 (current laptop too slow, poor battery life, operating system frustrations) + F2 (better or upgraded OS, new sexy models, new netbooks and tablets that could work as a replacement) > F3 (OS familiarity, it still works, no learning curve required) + F4 (price, will applications work?, will I lose files while migrating?)

Pretty much every situation where we expect people to change their behaviour could be seen through this point of view and help identify the drivers and the barriers that could be leveraged or neutralised.

What do you think? Can you apply it to your current project?

Regional Executive Creative Director, Geometry Global Asia Pacific