Organised by OgilvyAction Honk Kong, today we run the first Digital Shopper Seminar at The Centre.

After an animated introduction into the role that technology plays throughout ‘a day in the life’ of our shopper, Barney Loehnis (a.k.a. Sarah from now on) talked about how we can use these mobile moments to influence shopper behaviour.

Next was Gareth Ellen (a.k.a. John, these were their ‘artistic’ names during the intro) shared the results of a proprietary research on how shoppers and consumers are using smartphones throughout the path to purchase.

And finally Dani Comar (a.k.a. myself) shared some great creative case studies to bring home the point that it still is —and will always be— about ideas first.

The afternoon was complemented with impressive demos of our technology partners Cherrypicks and Alioscopy. And we close on a light note with a very well awaited cocktail party.

Here’s the deck we presented in PDF format. I’ll be adding some extra links and pictures in the days to come as they become available.

Thank you all partners, clients and colleagues for making this happening. It was quite inspiring I believe and hope we can repeat it in other offices. And special thanks to the whole OgilvyAction team in HK for imagining it and putting it together.


Regional Executive Creative Director, Geometry Global Asia Pacific