The difference an idea makes

First, watch this solid and well integrated promotion for Sagres beer in Portugal.
Not only they sponsor the country’s major football league Liga ZON Sagres but they created a full-fledged activation campaign around it.

Part of the benefits or ‘owning’ the Liga through the full sponsorship is that they can do what they please, in this case allowing any normal Joe (or, better said, José) to play in real fields, during the half time of real matches, in all matches of the season. All people had to do was to register a team of 11 online and drink as much beer as possible to be selected. 

Despite the impressive business results, it didn’t win at any major creative show as far as I know. Why? Well, having well thought-through promotion mechanics is not enough. ‘Get on the Field’ is a very flat rendering of the idea. It just describes what you can do without fueling the dream of playing at a professional stadium. 

For a little perspective here, compare it to multi award winner Gatorade’s ‘Replay’. They did not just bring back old guys to play together again (the core concept of the campaign is that Gatorade’s replenishing power can allow that). Instead, they reignited a 15 year-old rivalry between teams. See the difference?

Regional Executive Creative Director, Geometry Global Asia Pacific