The case against the ‘key visual’

Let’s face it. More often than what we’d like to, we’re invited late to the party or receive a narrow minded brief that encourages us to use a previously developed advertising campaign and extend it ’through the line‘. More often than not too, what we’re required to do is to use or develop a key visual taken from the TVC and apply it in several different formats through the path to purchase.

This is just a misconception, believing that the advertising works magically and by being reminded of the brand attributes people will just buy the product. This simply ignores the many other factors that take place when purchasing a good and the different role that channels and messages play along the way.
It won’t go away, but you could have ready a few good examples that illustrate your point well.
Earlier this week we mentioned Evian successful adaptation of a big idea into multiple formats. And some time ago, Skol Beer did something similar turning an average TVC into an engaging experiential and promotional campaign.

This is another example of that kind. The TVC shows a disappointed driver that decides to burn his own old car after seeing and experiencing the new Renault Fluence. The promotion that came after that brings the idea to life in a big way.

Renault Brazil promised to blow up a competitors car live on the internet. All you have to do is to tweet the reasons why you think your car deserves total annihilation using the hashtag #QueSeExploda (‘make it blow up’, in Portuguese).

They have not specified if they’re going to give the winner a new car yet, but it will be interesting to see how the campaign unfolds. In any case, an excellent example of how to use the ATL idea and give it more relevance and scale.

Regional Executive Creative Director, Geometry Global Asia Pacific