The 2010 Clio Awards activation winners

The 2010 Clio Awards activation winners

A few weeks ago, Clio Awards announced the 2010 results. Again, here’s a selection of the winners which involve some sort of activation or consumer engagement.

Clio has always had plenty of categories for non-traditional communications, therefore no surprise that there are many more winners than in One Show. Interesting how activation work can win in more than one category, including Design.

I trimmed the list to feature the Gold winners only but I’ll be covering the rest in future posts. Enjoy.


Panamericana School of Art and Design
How Far Does Your Creativity Go?
Poster — GOLD (also Billboard — SILVER and Integrated Campaign Bronze)

The 2010 Clio Awards activation winners


Innovative Media — GRAND CLIO 


Hands Up
Innovative Media — GOLD


Andes Beer
Andes Teletransporter
Innovative Media — GOLD


KitKat Mail
Innovative Media — GOLD


Happiness Vending Machine
Interactive — GOLD


The Swedish Post
Magical X-Mas Cards
Interactive — GOLD


The World’s Biggest Signpost
Interactive — GOLD (also Billboard — SILVER and Innovative Media — SILVER)


United States Postal Service
Virtual Box Simulator
Interactive — GOLD


Nike LIVESTRONG & The Chalkbot
Content & Contact — GOLD (also Innovative Media — SILVER)


CNN International
Go Beyond Borders
Content & Contact — GOLD (also Design — BRONZE)


City GT
Content & Contact — GOLD


The Cancer Council
The Sun Sound
Content & Contact — GOLD


Have I missed any?

Regional Executive Creative Director, Geometry Global Asia Pacific