This year the Grand Prix went to a retailer that is reinventing the traditional and proven staple tools of promotion: catalogs and coupons.

Ikea knows well that the famous catalog is their most powerful selling tool, and that a visit to the store pays off very quickly as people end up buying plenty of other impulse items.

But the catalog is of no use if thrown away and people might also need an extra incentive to show up in person. Enter the Spikes 2012 Grand Prix.

The idea is very simple. Ikea would ‘pay rent’ every month to people for keeping catalog in their homes. The rent would be paid by cheques (discount coupons in disguise) redeemable in store. And to wrap it up very nicely, the campaign used a battery of different media and had very interesting ramifications in social media.

All in all, a very well rounded case study that grows on you. Don’t miss it.

Regional Executive Creative Director, Geometry Global Asia Pacific