The idea might not have the scale and certainly not the budget of other media campaigns, but it balances out with fine attention to details and really well crafted production.

The ambient intervention was done by our colleagues in OgilvyAction Tokyo for Sneaker Freaker, a niche magazine for insanely fanatic sneaker lovers.

The publication is so niche that hardly everyone knew about it so they decided to reach out for a broader audience and brought the brand to life in one of the busiest shopping malls in Tokyo, right where all the sneaker freakers would normally gravitate to. During the duration of the campaign, they’d find someone stalking at their shoes from within the steps of the scalator.

Not only the production was carefully implemented, the presentation boards and the video also do a fantastic job in telling a great story with very few elements to start with and even less yens in the wallet.

A great example of how a well planned campaign can offer enough raw material to produce a story of professional quality, despite of the size or the budget of the campaign.

Kudos to David Morgan, Chris Gurney, Kosuke-san and everyone who participated on it.

You can find the original Sneaker Staker campaign write up on Sneaker Freaker website and even more photos.

Regional Executive Creative Director, Geometry Global Asia Pacific