Sexy girls vs sexy ideas

Two very similar executions took place recently.

The first one for Aubade to promote their new lingerie collection, showed the ‘girl next door’ dressing and undressing by the window for the viewing pleasure of passersby in France.

The second one for Palmolive Nutra-Fruit Shower Gel featured a Russian girl showering inside an advertising pillar. 

Though Aubade tried a little harder with the video, they both could be better in terms of building a strong case. They rely too much on the sexy girls but don’t set the problem well, neither explain the strength of the idea or the results.

The Palmolive video for example could be much more interestin if introduced as innovative media.

Sure will capture the attention of a male audience but beyond that? The boars are also weak and they even have spelling mistakes. May these serve as good examples of ideas that could be pushed further.

Regional Executive Creative Director, Geometry Global Asia Pacific