Not long ago we’ve seen how the Coke Village delighted the crowd by using RFID technology to create a very unusual experience integrating Facebook and real life seamlessly. RFID wristbands allowed people to ‘Like’ things in real life and get their status updated and photos tagged automatically.

A group of students from the Swedish digital school Hyper Island conceptualised a way to take that thinking further. With the fashion brand WeSC in mind, they created ‘Karmatech’, a platform that connects real world stuff to our virtual lives by implanting those same cheap RFID chips into designer shoes.

These RFID capable shoes would be able to update your Facebook and Twitter status, let’s say, by stepping onto a doormat, for example. Or serve as invites, get benefits and participate in promotions at shops, ‘Like’ things on the real world (as in the Coke Village) and even exchange information with other Karmatech shoes wearers.

While this is still at conceptual stage, one could already see the possibilities. Maybe not just attached to shoes but any other piece of clothing, or even mobile phones. Another great example of forward thinking done by students, like the interactive window display featured a few weeks ago.

I wonder what the guys from Sneaker Freaker would think about this?

Regional Executive Creative Director, Geometry Global Asia Pacific