Daniel Comarnews, ogilvyaction

Regional Specialist Agency Network of the Year, almost!

Daniel Comarnews, ogilvyaction
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Yesterday OgilvyAction Asia Pacific was the ‘Runner-Up’ as Specialist Agency Network of the Year in the annual award show organised by Campaign Magazine. Second only to our own siblings Ogilvy PR.

This is what John wrote about it last night: 

We just attended the Campaign Asia Agency of the Year Awards.

In the category called Specialist Agency, which includes Activation, PR, Brand Design, Consultancy —in fact everything except Advertising and Digital— we came second across the whole of Asia. We were beaten to top spot only by... Ogilvy PR.

In my glass half full side, this is brilliant! A year or two ago nobody had even heard of us.

But in my glass half empty side, I am sad because we were sooooo close.

Nevertheless the fact is that no other Activation agency was even in consideration. If you accept these awards as valid, we were better than we've ever been before. By a long long way.

So, congratulations to every single person who represents OA in the region. You made us very proud tonight. But... one step up...


PS. And congratulations to OPR - who now set the bar!

OgilvyAction Malaysia was in a similar situation, also being nominated for the Sub-Regional Specialist Agency of the Year for South East Asia and coming second best just behind —again— Ogilvy PR Singapore.

Yeah, the half empty side sucks.

But the half full means a hell of a lot to me. By these year rankings, we came in second place. However, in the big scheme of things, we came first. This is the first time that OgllvyAction got any recognition of this kind, this is the first Activation agency indeed that runs up for Agency of the Year. And in the case of KL, as far as we remember, this is the first time that any Malaysian office runs up for Agency of the Year (which is a wholesome recognition of not just creative awards but effectiveness awards, business performance, overall growth, thought leadership and training efforts).

Thanks to all of you who made it happen. We’re still a little far from where we really want to be but we’re definitely ON the map! And this one is a good sign that hopefully will bring us closer.

Regional Executive Creative Director, Geometry Global Asia Pacific