Reaching the unreachables

Reaching the unreachables
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Rural Marketing is a lesser known part of our business, however one of the most complex and interesting.

To continue our series of thought leadership pieces published in (the first one was ‘Repenting at Leisure’ and the second one ‘The Digital Shopper: Are You Talking to Me?’) Samir Gupte (President of OgilvyAction India) has written a very insightful article about how to reach and connect with the millios of people who are unreachable by mass media.

“The 2nd largest Facebook user-base in the world (65 million active users)

The 2nd largest LinkedIn user-base in the world (15 million users)

500 million people without access to television

More mobile phones than toilets per rural household

This is the paradox that is India, where communicating with a large part of the population is a huge challenge.”

Not just interesting for those who want to know more about Rural Marketing but a masterclass in communication and behaviour change for all.

Read ‘Reaching the Unreachables’ at, don’t miss it.


Regional Executive Creative Director, Geometry Global Asia Pacific