RFID and QR codes reveal old clothes’ memories

What a great way to add value through the simple use of technology, in this case RFID, QR codes and a tagging technology called Tales of Things.

Oxfam, a UK based charity that raises funds via selling used clothes, started to tag them with the stories of those clothes as told by their previous owner. How and where did they buy it, or an interesting anecdote related to wearing them.

Shoppers at their store in Manchester could hear those stories using their own phones or specially provided RFID readers.

RFID and QR codes reveal old clothes’ memories

And more recently, they went one step further, setting up a pop-up store called the Oxfam Curiosity Shop. Celebrities like Colin Firth and Kate Moss among others donated pretty impressive pieces of their wardrobe and also recorded their stories to be retreived via QR codes, like this one below of Annie Lennox meeting Nelson Mandela.

What previously used to be cheap, unwanted clothes, became objects of desire.

Worth checking out the possiblities offered by inexpensive tagging systems like Tales of Things and Stickybits.

Regional Executive Creative Director, Geometry Global Asia Pacific