The Microloan Foundation is an NGO that gives credit to some of the poorest African women to buy the basic tools to run their own small business and support their families.

Pennies for Life highlighted the power of small contributions through an interactive billboard with a simple mechanic. A half formed picture of a woman made with pennies was displayed as the starting point. People could simply donate a small amount of money via SMS and automatically be able to see their contribution fill up the photo and a personalised thank you message.

That instant feedback and the low barriers to participate (anyone with a mobile phone and a few coins to spare) made this one only billboard a very successful fundraising campaign.

The case study, though made on the cheap, works very effectively in communicating the strength of the idea and delivering the right emotion. It won Gold Cannes Lion at the first installment of the Mobile Lions category.

Regional Executive Creative Director, Geometry Global Asia Pacific