Daniel Comarnews, ogilvyaction

New OgilvyAction website and online presence

Daniel Comarnews, ogilvyaction

via ogilvyaction.com

The long awaited new OgilvyAction website is now live. And not only features a new look & feel, most importantly it tells in a short and sweet way what we’re all about as well as showcasing some of the most creative campaigns we’ve got in the network.

By understanding the behavior of consumers, shoppers and retailers, we're able to create the conditions that drive brand purchase.

This motto captures the essence of what we do and our point of differentiation from other disciplines and competitors. We don’t just talk to consumers, we also talk directly to the shoppers and bear in mind the retailers’ priorities as well (without their support nothing gets produced). We don’t work in changing shoppers and consumers’ minds (although that might help) but in influencing their behavior. And we do so by creating the relevant conditions rather than forcing messages down to them. You’ll find great examples of this philosophy in our work section.

How we create purchase behavior is also explained there, along our pillars of expertise (shopper, trade, experiential, promotional) as well as our foundations (creativity, measurement & analytics and digital activation).

In conjunction with this launch, there’s also a renewed online presence with now consolidated Twitter and Facebook pages. Don’t forget to spread the word and take a moment or two to start Following or Liking those new online stages.

Last by not least, there’s a mobile version of the site, which seems to be the first one of this kind in our network.

Enjoy, share, comment, and don’t forget to contribute with your work and news to keep it all alive.

Regional Executive Creative Director, Geometry Global Asia Pacific