Mind the first aid gap

Apparently what it’s been called ‘the first aid gap’ (people failing to provide simple first aid assistance) kills 150,000 a year.

Following the award winning print campaign earlier this year at Cannes, St John Ambulance asked its agency BBH London what else they could to to make a difference.

So soon they launched an iPhone app that offer instant access to knowledge. And as recently as last Friday, they performed a stunt in the cinemas that took the audience by total surprise.

A very predictable pop-corn ad was playing when suddenly the girl on the film starts chocking. The family fails to assist her and she’s dying, until one person from the audience runs towards the screen and disappears behind the curtain and enters the film to save the girl.

What’s really interesting about it are also the lessons from the creators, captured on the BBH Labs blog:

  1. A clearly defined problem. 
  2. A relentless focus. 
  3. Imagination + commitment beat money. 
  4. Coherency beats consistency. 
  5. Awareness is not enough.

Things that could be applied to any campaign, not just public service. Don’t miss them.


(UPDATE) Some audience reactions to the activation:

Regional Executive Creative Director, Geometry Global Asia Pacific