As far as I understand, this campaign was created by interns at BBH in August 2011, after the London riots then. The riots who were fueled by the irresponsible use of social media resulted in property destruction, small businesses affected and a massive discredit of Twitter and the likes.

They chose one of the damnified shop owners, Aaron Biber, a barber, who lost his lifetime source of income and using the same social media that did so bad to do some good. You can see the Keep Aaron Cutting website here and the BBH blogpost about Keep Aaron Cutting here.

In incredibly short time, they managed to raise a huge amount of money to restore Aaron his business and social media its credibility.

Well pointed out by this article about the end of the era of scam, who needs to create a fake poster for a charity that nobody will see when we all have the power to make things happen for real?

Regional Executive Creative Director, Geometry Global Asia Pacific