How to win customers providing (very) unusual help

I love the simplicity, the relevance and the surprise factor of this idea.

Iodex is a balm that wants to position itself as the backache expert. Rather than going out there and shout about it, they went to the point of sale and provided a very tangible and pleasantly surprising benefit to potential buyers of the brand.

Midgets wearing a T-shirt with the legend ‘Need help to get to the lower shelf?’ were cruising the aisles assisting people with their purchases. Really useful for those with backache and extremely hard to miss.

Although the very entertaining video does a poor job at highlighting the results, it did increase sales for the brand at the supermarket pharmacies. Wished it was an OA client but it came form Phoenix Ogilvy in Sri Lanka and it’s just won a Direct Gold Lotus in AdFest last week.

Regional Executive Creative Director, Geometry Global Asia Pacific