How do you re-invent and album launch? [CLASSIC]

Above all I love the inspiring premise behind: If famous songs will end up played by street musicians, why not start it all there?

That’s how Oasis’ latest album then ‘Dig Out Your Soul’ wasn’t launched in the traditional way that recording studios were used to but using the full power of social media circa 2008: MySpace. Way before Facebook reigned and the word ‘integrated’ was fully understood in advertising.

The band recruited NYC street performers to rehearse and sing some of the album new songs 2 weeks before the official launch. The event was documented and released also in advance on MySpace, and Google Maps was used to guide fans to the live performaces.

It seems obvious right now but back then —hardly 3 years ago— it was a completely odd move. It payed off though. ‘Dig Out Your Soul’ became the first Top 10 album in US after ten years. And it taught all of us quite a few things about marketing.

Regional Executive Creative Director, Geometry Global Asia Pacific