During last week’s Thomas Crampton’s webinar ‘Steal this Deck’ I found out the fact that email is no longer the killer app but comes on a shameful third place after social networking and instant messaging.

Hardly surprising, but the implications for brick and mortar postal services is even more dramatic.

In the post-digital world there’s still definitely a place for snail mail and The Swedish Post is fighting hard to define it and own it.

To encourage consumers to send real things as surprising greetings instead of purely digital messages, they launched a virtual/real campaign that allows users to send happiness by the metre. Simple colourful ropes that represent good wishes.

Deceptively simple, yet the results were outstanding. More than 4,000 meters of rope sent (and paid for) in just one week. Hats off.

One more interesting Swedish Post campaign tomorrow.

Regional Executive Creative Director, Geometry Global Asia Pacific