Guerrilla series drives traffic to new Staples store

The opening of the first Staples store in Berlin created a lot of buzz thanks to a series of well orchestrated guerrilla activities.

First, a bold promotion: “Take as much paper as you can carry for just €20”. The offer was communicated with people dressed in Staples uniforms carrying a huge stack of ‘pretend paper’ (made of polystyrene) in the vicinity of the store. Enough to attract interested customers.

Then, an ambient piece: A car stuffed with Staples products and the message ‘So cheap that you buy more’. The weakest of the three ideas I think.

And finally 1,000 tape rolls sticked on lampposts and walls in the neighborhood announcing the opening of the famous US office supplies chain. Of course people could easily remove the rolls and take them back for free.

The boards are also neatly done: Very few words, the pictures tell the story (even if you don’t speak German) and there are nice executional final touches, like the ‘tape-inspired’ headline on the third board or the hand holding the 20€ ONLY sign on the first presentation.

Do you think you could tell the story of your latest promotion in such a simple manner?

Regional Executive Creative Director, Geometry Global Asia Pacific