Fortune telling machine does sampling

When it comes to sampling, the dreadful use of promoters giving away products for free is the default and seemingly inevitable solution.

But how about removing that choice altogether and having to rethink the experience from scratch?

Durex in Taiwan faced a difficult challenge. Their sales are heavily dependent on sampling but the traditional Taiwanese mindset on the topic of sex made that task a tough one to perform. Youngsters were not open to receive a condom for free in the street, no matter how pretty the promoters were.

To overcome the taboo, they turned it into its head at the back of people’s high interest for their future, in particular that of sexual nature. They created a fortune telling machine that not only gave party-goers the forecast into their sexual life but also delivered a sample condom with tips on safe sex.

The machine could be found at selected night clubs in Taipei and on average dispensed 77 samples an hour, against the 23 samples/hr given by a regular street promoter.

Done by OgilvyAction Taipei.

Regional Executive Creative Director, Geometry Global Asia Pacific