A joint initiative of Fiat and Microsoft to encourage clean driving and reduce carbon footprint. The newer Fiat car models are coming equipped with a system powered by Microsoft that collects data as people drive their cars.

Using a simple USB key, the users can transfer that data to their computers and get recommendations of how to improve their driving, share it through social media, set goals and benchmark themselves against fellow drivers, friends, town, country or the world.

‘A Glass of Water’ by Toyota came later, I believe. They both have barriers that limit everyday usage though. Fiat EcoDrive system is incorporated in the car, so collection of data is automatic but transferring the info into a computer is a hassle. Toyota’s system is portable and wireless, however that means you also need to remember to turn it on when before you start driving.

I guess that for a simple all-in-one solution we will all have to wait until Steve Jobs creates the iCar.

Regional Executive Creative Director, Geometry Global Asia Pacific