Rural marketing is one area of our business that presents some of the most incredible challenges. How to reach those out of reach? What works in remote villages that don’t even have electricity? What kind of messages and activities will appeal the huge audiences that are not used to the advertising rhetoric that we all take for granted?

These are some of the questions that Sahaj Samvaad, Dialogues on Rural India, try to answer. A thought leadership series that bring together the best specialists in this area. And we’re happy that Raj Kumar Jha, National Creative Director from OgilvyAction New Delhi, is one of them.

Raj is an eminence, with several decades working where no other admen would ever venture. And his thinking is sharp and real. These communities might not have the comforts or even opportunities of those living in urban areas but curiously share the same (or more) life savviness.

For a quick glimpse on the real culture of rural India (if you’re interested) skip the salutations and jump to minute 1:20. The video quality might not have the sleekness of a TED Talk but the thinking does.

Can’t wait for Raj to speak in a big world forum or to write a book on the topic.

Regional Executive Creative Director, Geometry Global Asia Pacific