Most of the 2011 Promo & Activation Lions winners have been featured in Action Packed before. It was great, however, to find a couple of new/unnoticed great surprises.

The double Grand Prix winner (Promo & Activation and Direct) from Romania is one of those.

What really stands out from this work is how brave the client and agency were in creating and producing work that was controversial and spot on at the same time.

ROM, an old fashioned chocolate bar that was proud of its Romanian roots (the packaging itself wears the Romanian flag) was being ignored by the progressive youth. Instead of trying to blend in by faking modern values, they went opposite direction and challenged the youngsters’ patriotism with pro-American commercials and even changing the packaging to feature the American flag.

Watch the video above for the full story or watch the Direct Jury president explaining why ‘The American Takeover’ took the Grand Prix.

Expect more Cannes coverage on the most meaningful winners for Promo & Activation during the next few days.

Regional Executive Creative Director, Geometry Global Asia Pacific