Brand new Action Packed Channel on YouTube

Brand new Action Packed Channel on YouTube

One of the planners in KL came some time ago asking for ‘kick-ass’ case studies to include in his presentation.

I told him that there were plenty of great case studies on the site already —he knew— but he wanted my personal opinion on which ones were the best.

So I first showed him the top navigation bar, where the content that you probably need more often is parked. There’s the about page for the new visitors and then you can browse the full list of tags, the case studies and the award-wining work.

By the way, there’s also the side navigation bar with more stuff of course.

Back to the planner, ‘here —I said— under case studies, are the films and boards that are better crafted’. And if you want the very best ones, you should go straight to the award-winning work.’

The last one is a recent addition. I created a dedicated YouTube channel where you can browse the work that appears on the site, ‘sans commentary’. Meaning that you can sit back, relax, and watch all and only the best videos at once. Which is ideal for research and brainstormings.

‘OK, he said, but what if I don’t have the time and I just want the very very best.’ ‘Then just head to my very personal favorites.’

Regional Executive Creative Director, Geometry Global Asia Pacific