Today is Blog Action Day #Blogactionday #BAD12 and the goal is to raise awareness on the topic of The Power of We #PowerOfWe. The power shift from mass media to the individuals, widely recognised by the industry, has great implications for charity and public service. Causes no longer need (necessarily) a huge budget to succeed. Using social networking and grabbing the attention through a simple big idea, a worthy thought can take off ground and be acted upon by millions.

Point in case, this award-winning campaign that mobilized 2 million people to show support for the tragic killing of Trayvon Marting, an American teenager that was show just because he ‘looked suspiscious’.

A few concerned citizens created a hashtag #millionhoodies and invited the world to use a hoodie in sign of support. The numbers were impressive. Over 300,000 photos of hoodies flooded the cyberspace. 2 million signed the petition and 5,000 peaceful protesters gathered in NYC (in less than 48 hs).


As powerful as social media could be to spread a message, it is just the tip of the iceberg. Modern times are witnessing other phenomena like crowdsourcing, or the art of getting a task done by the collective. We posted about this case before. Kid Rescue was a CSR campaign by Telefonica to erradicate child labor, by tapping into the crowd to map the kids working in the streets and send a rescue team.


And the Power of We goes also beyond the realm of private action. It's great to see how corporations could follow the collective good and open their own data for the public’s benefits. Such is the case of Honda and its ‘Connecting Lifelines’. Through data generated by their proprietary navigation system, they managed to provide an invaluable service during the hours that followed Japan’s infamous earthquake and tsunami last year.

The Power of We is strong. And ideas make it stronger.

Regional Executive Creative Director, Geometry Global Asia Pacific