Jay-Z’s memoir deconstructed to promote Bing

I must admit that when it comes to search anything online, I always use Google first. Since its very beginnings Google has proven to deliver consistently the best results and as the Goggle environment keeps adding applications and services I hardly ever felt the need to go somewhere else. I often asked myself what would it take for me to use another computer than a Mac or another search engine than Google?

Enter Decode Jay-Z with Bing, an intriguing game/campaign that paired the famous American rapper with Microsoft’s challenger search tool to make people like myself give it shot.

With the occasion of the launch of Jay-Z’s lyric book/memoir ’Decoded‘, Droga5 created a massive real-world scavenger hunt that started in New York and other places mentioned in the upcoming publication. The more than 300 pages of the book will be appearing in those venues in traditional and non-conventional advertising spaces (like billboards, bus stops, but also flower bouquets wrappings or the bottom of a swimming pool) for people to discover them. Whoever discovers a page first get eligible to win a copy of ‘Decoded’ and enters a lucky draw for the grand prize: a trip to see Jay-Z and Coldplay live in Las Vegas, in New Year’s Eve.

So what does Bing have to do with any of this? Well, the starting point for the game is the official Decode Jay-Z with Bing page, where people can get clues by answering a few enigmatic questions. Upon a correct answer, you get closer and closer on the map. The Bing Maps experience is really extraordinary as demonstrated in this Blaise Aguera y Arcas TED Talk and makes you reconsider Bing as a innovative and alternative contender to Google.

As an added bonus, the art direction of the campaign is totally awesome. Expect it to win big in next year’s awards. Experiential marketing doesn’t much better than this, doe it?

Regional Executive Creative Director, Geometry Global Asia Pacific