It’s easy to be tempted by flashy new technology. But more powerful than innovation is a fresh new idea.

How could Philips in Taiwan sell their grooming kits to a male population that believes that grooming equals a clean shave. An AR app that allows you to try different facial hair styles quickly pops in you head but the OgilvyAction Taipei team thought lo-tech.

Instead, they created a highly targeted and engaging demo experience at the most popular hair salons in town. This is where men are at their most open mindset to try something new.

Right after their entrance, they were offered with the salon cape featuring a hand holding a Philips trimmer and right after that, the magazines that had bookmarks pointing out to every single famous Hollywood star using beard.

But that was just a teaser. When the custom salon tea beverage came in, it was brought in a transparent cristal mug that had different facial hair styles imprented on it.

That way, men could try new looks without risking anything upfront. The coaster offered a juicy discount that could be claimed at the nearest Philips dealer.

Not surprisingly, the campaign outperformed all previous Philips promotions during the same period. In exit interviews, 95% of the men declared to have changed their minds about facial hair, promotional sales went up and the campaign cost was reduced from $64 to $4 per contact.

One more time, idea trumps technology.

Regional Executive Creative Director, Geometry Global Asia Pacific