Before it was The Zero Moment of Truth. Now, with Agile Creativity, Google is again providing great insights and tools for agencies to embrace the new digital or post-digital world.

  1. The 7 key tips are: 
  2. Physically (or Virtually) Co-Locate 
  3. Add Technologists to the Creative Team 
  4. Develop T-Shaped Talent 
  5. Get ‘Real-Time’ Insights 
  6. Plan an Offsite ‘Idea-thon’ 
  7. Iterate and Test Campaigns 
  8. Partner on Pilot Projects

If you dare to implement these, it’s a new work mode altogether but essential to be a A-player today.

Go and explore Think with Google: Agile Creativity site. It’s full of tools and insights to improve your game. Even if you start implementing a few of the suggestions you’re off to a much better start.

Regional Executive Creative Director, Geometry Global Asia Pacific