A tweet, a flight dance party 10 km above ground and a Guinness World Record

It seems that KLM Royal Dutch airlines is getting serious about their commitment to delight customers through little unexpected acts of kindness.

Not long ago they were stalking surprising passengers who were sending tweets about the airline. This time, they went a lot further by rescheduling a whole inaugural flight (Amsterdam—Miami) to accommodate the needs of a couple of passengers.

Those two passengers were Dutch DJ Sied van Riel and producer Wilco Jung. When they knew about the airline inaugural flight to Miami, they tweeted KLM to request the flight were moved one week to attend a huge music festival in Florida. KLM tweeted back and promised to do so if they could find enough passengers to fill the whole flight. And so they did, in a matter of hours.

Not only the airline rescheduled the flight but they also transformed it into a ‘sky high’ party that was awarded with a Guinness World Record.

The case study is a bit self-serving but it has great music, though. :)

Regional Executive Creative Director, Geometry Global Asia Pacific